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Hello, and welcome to my spot!

Obviously, I'm Heather (and that's George), and I'm here to give you a visual journey through my work experience. Resumes are supremely dull, so let's get something lively going here!

For the last ten years I've been building websites professionally. Mainly for small businesses, but there have been a few stints when I worked for large corporations and even the state government (man, was THAT boring!). They all served a purpose and the purpose was to lead me here to visit with you today! My goal here is to show you the kind of work I've done, and then the kind of work I want to do going forward. Please enjoy!

I build websites!

WordPress and Elementor are my two best friends these days.

I build websites!

Except I don't do so much hand coding anymore.

I write code!

HTML and CSS are my fave languages. Especially CSS. I love to make things pretty.

I read code!

I'm less great at JavaScript though.

I make digital assets!

I love playing around with digital art, motion graphics and video.

I learn as I go!

I may not be an expert, but I can step up and create when asked.

I manage projects!

I'm a budget pit bull and deadline race winner. I prefer to under promise and over deliver.

I don't manage people!

I believe people can be trusted to handle themselves. Long leashes.

I love to learn!

I'm a skill acquisition master. If I don't know it yet, I soon will.

Wait and see!

If you don't see a program in my arsenal, check back - it will probably be there next time.

I respect!

Excellent time management and unwavering reliability will be on my epitaph.

I expect the same!

I'm a person, not a number. And sometimes a person needs a burger for breakfast and a martini at the end of the day.

I heart small biz!

I prefer to work for and with small businesses and solopreneurs anymore.

Smaller is better!

I'm pretty much over giant corporate machines.

I empower clients!

I only build sites that clients can update and manage on their own.

Down with dependency!

I try not to build sites that demand clients to be dependent on a developer.

programs i've used a lot

And now, A few things I've done over the years...

work for myself (on and off, since 2014)

As anyone reading this will likely know, working for yourself means you wear ALL the hats. Which is why I only do it part-time, on and off, as time allows. I love doing this work as it grants me the freedom to choose my clients AND make the products I like to make, and it fulfills that sense of contribution to the greater good that I so require.

The following items are the main focus of my work right now:

Elementor Templates

Currently my main focus is building WordPress site templates using Elementor Pro. I sell these templates to non-techies so they can have an inexpensively beautiful website they can own, manage and update themselves.

Elementor Courses

I am also in the process of creating companion courses for each template site by recording with Camtasia, for upload and distribution into Thinkific. Each site template I build will have a course to go with it, to teach the user how to update.


I write various quizzes for lead generation and ideal customer identification. I use Interact for my quiz development and funnel leads into MailChimp for results distribution, community building, and eventual sales and marketing.

Social Media Advertising

I am creating ads for the quizzes - and eventually for my courses - using the Adobe Creative Suite, along with Canva, for distribution on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram.

Work Samples

a few elementor templates...

a few commercial sites...

small graphics design company (seven years)

I had the most fun at this job, and I was very sad when it ended. I worked alongside a wonderful, extremely talented print graphic designer, and I did all his digital work. When he decided to get out of the web game, I admit… I cried a little. We did the coolest, most creative stuff.

Here are some of my responsibilities:

Website Development

This was the main focus of my job, and why I was hired. I managed and built all website projects and sites. I originally started coding from scratch in Dreamweaver from PSDs or PDFs, then discovered WordPress had hugely evolved from its original blog platform, and I was able to convince my partner to convert all our sites to WordPress.

We did use pre-made WordPress themes that I extensively manipulated to achieve the desired results. No custom theme or plugin development, but definitely heavy CSS coding. I did manipulate the PHP as well when necessary, so while I did not code from scratch with WordPress, I'm very familiar with the code and how it works together.

I also included Google Analytics in all our client sites, but we did not provide SEO analysis. Furthermore, I built the sites with basic SEO practices in mind. Also managed all testing and quality assurance on most browsers, email clients and mobile devices, troubleshooting and maintenance tasks, as well as direct customer support. Extensive focus on providing mobile-optimized digital products with CSS.


Project Management

  • Conducted requirements meetings with clients and partner.
  • Managed all aspects of estimate creation, project flow, and budget.
  • Advised on best practices, project improvement and processes.
  • Used Harvest to track time and project tasks.

Email Campaigns

  • Sliced and optimized images for HTML emails using Photoshop.
  • Tested and troubleshot code, revised when necessary to ensure campaigns rendered properly across multiple email clients, browsers, and mobile devices.
  • Working knowledge of email marketing best practices for creating user-focused content.

Other Digital Media

  • Created a variety of motion graphics pieces for downtown digital billboards
  • Created a variety of motion graphics pieces for local mall digital directory advertising
  • Created multiple HTML5 ads for digital magazines
  • Used After Effects for digital billboards and Google Web Designer for HTML5 ads

Work Samples

a few client sites...

a few motion graphics...

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a few HTML5 ads...

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huge corporate behemoth (four years)

Project Participation/mgmt

  • Serve as implementation engineer and front-end developer for online money-movement applications.
  • Research and resolve all problems related to the operation of client websites. Work with clients, developers and project managers from all over the world in all time zones, using Clarity PPM, Enterplicity/Hippo.
  • Lead and participate in quarterly maintenance upgrades for all websites, supporting feature pack code releases for all products on all sites.

Client Product Branding

  • Execute the implementation and branding development for eight products, including retail bill pay, small business bill pay, Zelle®, Popmoney®, TransferNow and respective mobile technologies for 4000+ websites.
  • Work with clients directly to detail brand Fiserv online billpay product, Zelle and Transfer Now products, to accurately match client websites with eye to seamless integration and end-user experience. Extensive use of CSS.
  • Using JavaScript, develop custom name pairs to allow client custom pass-through branding and other specialized results.


Change Management

  • Write and execute high volume of change requests to facilitate code movement from testing to production environment using ServiceNow.
  • Responsible for managing the execution of quarterly feature pack updates on all eight products, coordinating QA testing for all products for all parent sponsors, and the implementation of all sponsor sites to upgraded location on remote servers.

Work Samples

some super boring serious corporate site branding (click for short video viewing of sites)...

For non-disclosure reasons, this content is protected. If you're interested in talking to me about working for you, the password will be provided to view this part of the portfolio. Thanks for understanding!

middle sized financial services company (seven years)

Project Participation

Participated in all phases of the System Development Life Cycle, particularly requirements gathering and systems analysis, testing and maintenance.


Responsible for being and/or becoming the SME on any current or new applications, for communicating on the benefits and risks of such with management and application support team, and training members on such products.

Data Analysis

Analyzed business process/IT systems, wrote data maps, root cause and gap analysis reports.

SQL and Crystal Report Generation

SQL query writing, specialty report creation and data analysis. Crystal Reports statement writing, and managing MS Access databases and reporting for offices as needed.

Database Management

Participation in managing web-based client and participant database interfaces.


Created/wrote training materials and coordinated and trained users in all company offices on new automated payroll process, among other processes, via in-person training classes and virtual training classes.

Internal Consultant

Acted as internal consultant: traveled to work in regional offices on specific projects such as disaster plans, mass conversions, helping out in instances of insufficient staff, etc., thereby reducing the cost of hiring outside resources.

Internal Tech Support

Provided internal technical support via phone and email for online transactional processing applications, web-based documentation, participant distribution requests, online reports, web-based automated client data collection, SQL and Oracle databases, and financial transactional and statement processing software.

education and ongoing training

Bowling Green State University

Bachelor of Arts/Marketing

Regis University

Certificate of Web Development

Intl Coaching Academy

Certificate of Professional Coaching


additional coursework in Jquery, TypeScript, Graphic Design

Marie Forleo Intl

The Copy Cure


Freedom Machine

Amy Porterfield

Digital Course Academy

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If you’d like to contact me to see about working together, please contact me through LinkedIn.

For privacy and spam reasons, I have limited the means of contacting me. But I do look forward to hearing from you!


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